Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Art Form, with Beer

Done nobody put on a tailgate party
like us LSU fans do a taligate party
and the beer do flow, ma cher, and
the shrimps do boil wit da crawfish
and we tro da potatoes in the pot
wit da crawfish and spill a little beer
for da seasoning but not too much
cuz da beer is brewed to be drunk,
with da ice in galvanized tubs and
if it spills just drink from the tub,
we got da straws, ma cher,
and it don’t matter what kind
of beer cuz it all ends up in da same place
washing down da muffalettas and  
da shrimps and da crawfish (you gotta
suck them crawfish heads, ma cher)
and we boogie to da music and
sometimes forget da football game
and usually don’t even have a ticket
but da real party’s out here, ma cher,
and we Cajuns have done created
ourselfs a tailgate party art form
wit da eternal question: how many
beers does it take to kiss
a baby alligator?

Over at TweetSpeak Poetry, Seth Haines has a poetry prompt – pairing beer or wine with an event. I couldn’t resist.

This poem is also submitted to Open Link Night at dVerse Poets.


Maureen said...

A whole new voice in this one, Glynn. Love those last lines.

Marcus Goodyear said...

Glynn, this side of your rocks.

For the record, my brother played Center for La Tech...

Mary said...

Wonderful use of dialect.. I could almost taste the beer and the crawfish!

Laura said...

So much fun, Glynn! Felt like I was down on da bayou.

Brian Miller said...

ha i am liking your accent man...i will say down there is some of the best food so i imagine a tailgate all the more...

Anonymous said...

Very clever close especially. k.

Diana said...

This just may be my favorite post EVER. A whole new side of the man - wow. And I don't even like beer!

Louise Gallagher said...

This tailgate poetry rocks!

marousia said...

Gorgeous - so full of life