Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Poetry at Work

“Work” is a broad, multifaceted concept and subject. It extends from the board room to the shop floor, from the Oval Office to the local school district, from the tractor-trailer truck on the interstate to the university classroom, from stage and screen to the hospital intensive care unit, from raising a child to burying a loved one, and so much more. Work is a significant life activity common to all people. We love it, hate it, want to change it, embrace it, hide from it, worry over it, celebrate it.

At TweetSpeak Poetry, we’re embarking upon a new Tuesday feature called “Poetry at Work.” We will be looking at the language (and poetry) of the workplace, the poetry of work culture, the poetry of leadership, the poetry of corporate conscience, the poetry of sales and marketing – even the poetry of meetings. We will be seeking poetry about work. We’ll sponsor a few contests about poetry at work. We will interview a few workplace poets.

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Photography by Katrina Joyner via Public Domain Pictures. Used with permission.

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