Saturday, July 22, 2017

Saturday Good Reads

Justin Taylor tells a story of evangelical history that I’ve never heard before – the day Billy Graham invited Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. to pray at one of Graham’s crusades. Dr. King accepted.

In Wales, it never rains cats and dogs. But it does rain old women and sticks. The BBC has a story about some of Britain’s weirdest weather words (some of which have been inherited by America).

Lucy Kellaway throws in the towel in her long-running battle against corporate jargon. One of the worst offenders, she says, is Howard Schulz of Starbucks. The Financial Times has her column, and – based on my own experience – everything she says is exactly right.

Nic Rowan at Acculturated explains why Andrew Wyeth’s paintings have outlived his critics. Susan Etole has beautiful photographs of flowers. Tim Good took some photos of blackbirds. And Spitalfields Life continues its series on painters of London’s East End.

And some good poetry, along with a lot more.


Over the Falls – Laura Reece Hogan at Altarwork.

Reading Chesterton – Loren Paulsson at World Narratives.

Such Hours Held – John Blase.

Grace Be Unto You – Katie Andraski at Tupelo Press.

British Stuff

The stories behind Britain’s Weirdest Weather Words – Christine Ro at BBC (Hat Tip: J of India).

Life and Culture

Who Killed the Encyclopedia? – Ernie Smith at Tedium.

How I lost my 25-year battle against corporate claptrap – Lucy Kellaway at Financial Times.

Lessons from Evergreen College: ListenSpeak Up, and Make a Better Culture – Zak Schmoll at Entering the Public Square.


The Pro-Life Movement Before Roe v. Wade – Thomas Kidd at Evangelical History.

What children would say – Troy Cady at T(r)oy Marbles.

Your Calling is More Than Your Job – Dr. Art Lindsley at the Institute for Faith, Work & Economics.

The Businessman's Faith - Brad Fruhauff at Image Journal.

Art and Photography

Three Paintings by John Allin – SpitalfieldsLife.

Pair of Red-Winged Blackbirds – Tim Good at Photography and Poetry by Tiwago.

Being Present – Susan Etole.


Beauty and the Imagination – Aaron Ames at The Imaginative Conservative.


Know You by Red Letters

Painting: Man Reading by Lamplight, oil on canvas (1814) by George Kersting.

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