Tuesday, April 9, 2019

Poets and Poems: Ailbhe Darcy and "Insistence"

We live in a time when the boundaries between the public and the private have blurred. Wittingly or not, we’ve surrendered traditional notions of privacy to the large social media platforms, not to mention the assorted activities we undertake daily in e-commerce. Everyone, it seems, is in the data collection business – our data. 

Similarly, the lines between the public and private spheres have blurred as well. Politics have reshaped friendships and family relationships. The great issues of the day seem to demand that everyone must take a position and private actions to solve public crises. We hear that immigration, environment, climate change, populists vs. elites, health care, and more require our committed response and action.

Ailbhe Darcy is an Irish poet currently living in Wales. She was educated in the United States and spent time in Germany. She’s attuned to the issues on both sides of the Atlantic. In her new collection Insistence, she’s asking questions. What do these issues mean for my private life? What is my responsibility as a poet? What is my responsibility as a mother of a child?

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