Friday, April 19, 2019

The prodigal sons

After Luke 15:11-32

One ran off, lived indulgence
one remained, lived selflessly

One left, and wasted everything
one remained, and stewarded everything

One left, wallowed with pigs
one remained, caring for goats and sheep

Two prodigals

One left, and spent it all
one remained, and served but
   wrapped himself in service
   and wanted a fatted calf
   his own, to recognize
   what he’d done, to celebrate
   what he’d done, to honor
   his self-control, self-discipline,
   his righteous anger justified

Perhaps it should be called
the parable of the sinner
and the Pharisee

Photograph by Rishabh Butola via Unsplash. Used with permission.

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Great analogy. Self-righteousness spoils the faithfulness displayed by the one who stayed. Humility gains a father's respect in the one who was lost. The sinner and the Pharisee is an apt comparison.