Wednesday, April 24, 2019

“Tender Love” by Juliette Duncan

Tessa Scott is a veterinarian in her 20s who is trying to get over a broken relationship. Her housemate Stephanie is an intern at a Christian counseling agency, and she has a tendency to talk too much about her clients. 

One of those clients is Ben Williams, an accountant in his mid-30s and the father of a 13-year-old boy. Ben is trying to work through his own broken relationship – more than a year before, his wife walked out on him and their son and filed for divorce. She had found what she’d been looking for along in a tournament golf professional. 

Ben and Tessa meet at dog training classes, and they both attracted to each other. But Tessa realizes right away she already knows too much about Ben and his problems from Stephanie. Ben is wary of beginning any kind of relationship. And his son Jayden is just as troubled by his mother’s abandonment as Ben is.

Juliette Duncan
Set in Brisbane, Australia, Tender Love by Juliette Duncan is the story of how Tessa and Ben gradually feel their way through brokenness and uncertainty. Past experiences lead both to doubt their ability to sustain a new relationship, and the story turns on whether or not their faith can enable them to overcome doubts and reach toward each other.

Duncan is the author of numerous inspirational Christian romances, many set within series. Tender Love is the first of six in the “True Love” series, which involves many of the same characters over a period of time. The author lives in Brisbane.

Tender Love is a quiet, simple story of two broken people who discover they don’t have to be mended to love again.

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