Saturday, April 6, 2019

Saturday Good Reads

Since the author’s death in 1973J.R.R. Tolkien’s son Christopher has served as his father’s literary executor. We have The Silmarillion and a host of epic poems and stories because of Christopher’s detailed, painstaking work in organizing and editing his father’s archives. We also have, Bradley Birzer argues at The American Conservative, something immeasurably greater. Read Two Tolkiens, One Better World

Jordan Peterson, the Canadian professor who has caused such a stir in the media, academia, young people, and the Christian world, is not himself a Christian. He spoke recently at a convocation at Liberty University, and a couple of extraordinary things happened. One involved a student who rushed the stage. The second was the prayer for Peterson at the end. Rod Dreher at The American Conservative has the story

We all worry about the effects of social media on our children (and grandchildren). Like most technologies, social offer the good and the bad. Cameron Cole at Core Christianity describes four things youth workers would tell you about social media and your teenagers (and they apply beyond a church context). For those Christians who get caught up in personal online attacks and the spreading of fake news, Jay Sklar at Covenant Seminary explains how to repent of slander in a digital age.

More Good Reads


Lost in migration: What happened to Walter Benjamin’s suitcase? – Giorgio von Straten at Aeon Magazine.

Elizabeth Jennings and the Poetry of Faith – Edward Short at Catholic World Report.

Ode to Dvorak – Joe Spring.

Vernal Moon – Kathleen Everett at The Course of Our Seasons


Remembering a dear friend: Hell in a Bucket, Life in a Cup – Bill Kauffman at The American Conservative.

The Father & the Book – Doug Spurling at Spurling Silver.

You Believe the Prosperity Gospel – Jared Wilson at For the Church.

The Value of Art – Jonny Mellor at Church Central.

What the Lord’s Day Is – Tim Challies.

Life and Culture

From Dogs to Fur Babies –And Back Again – Tom Springer at Front Porch Republic.

When Everybody’s an “Expert” – Casey Chalk at The Imaginative Conservative.

Workism is Making Americans Miserable – Derek Thompson at The Atlantic.

Writing and Literature

Write Outside Your Comfort Zone – Max Allan Collins at CrimeReads.

The Holy Fool – Christiana Peterson at Image Journal.

A Brave New World for Nonfiction Writers – Mark Bowden at CrimeReads.

British Stuff

The Wells of Wells – Barb Drummond at Curious Histories.

American Stuff

The First Harvest of the Year – Becca Groves at The Rabbit Room. 

In the Land of the Northern Lights – Ole Salomonsen

Painting: Smoking Man Reading, oil on Canvas (1939) by Mojzesz Kisling (1891-1953)

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