Thursday, November 7, 2019

"Blood on the Cowley Road" by Peter Tickler

It begins with a suicide. A woman jumps from the top story of a car park on Cowley Road in Oxford. She’d been depressed, getting counseling, and had all the signs of someone who might want to end her life. And it’s about to be officially deemed a suicide, despite the “coincidence” of an art student having set up a “suicide plaque” on the building’s wall as an art project. Or so he says. 

A routine check of the deceased’s telephone shows the last call was to a young man. The Thames Valley Police team, led by Detective Inspector Susan Holden, routinely question him. He soon turns up dead. Suddenly the apparent suicide looks more like murder. And more deaths follow. What loosely seems to tie them all together is an Oxford football (soccer) team, and something that happened in the recent past.

Peter Tickler
Blood on the Cowley Road is the first in the DI Susan Holden mysteries by British author Peter Tickler. Less anyone think that Oxford has lost its police force, after the death of Inspector Morse and the retirement of Inspector Lewis, the tough DI Holden is ready to step in the gap. 

Tickler is the author of two additional DI Susan Holden mysteries, Blood in Grandpoint and Blood on the Marsh, and two private detective Doug Mullen mysteries, Whites Lies, Deadly Lies and Dead in the Water. He’s also published The Girl Who Stole the Apple and The Modern Mercenary.

Blood on the Cowley Road becomes a race against a killer, one who may be bent on revenge, if only Holden and her team can figure it out in time and catch the villain. It’s a highly satisfying story, with all the right ingredients for a new mystery series. And based in Oxford.

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