Wednesday, November 20, 2019

"Not by Sight" by Kay Lyons

Navy SEAL Ian MacGregor thought he was helping his brother Duncan out when saved a kidnapped girl, but Ian was shot. During the surgery that followed, a blood clot went to his head, and now Ian is blind, frightened, and embittered.

Duncan turns to Bruce Dibbs, a family friend, for help. Dibbs suggests hiring his niece, Emma Wyatt, who works as a waitress in her father’s diner. Duncan can’t imagine what a pretty, 28-year-old waitress could do to help his binge-drinking and angry brother, until Dibbs points out what Duncan didn’t notice about the young woman.

She’s blind, too. When she was 14, an automobile accident killed her mother and left Emma without sight.

Duncan agrees, and offers Emma enough money for her to realize her dream of opening an animal shelter. But working with Ian is no walk in the park. Slowly, Emma begins to bring Ian out of himself. He discovers he’s falling in love with her, but how can he offer love to a woman he can’t protect?

Kay Lyons
And then there’s something bad lurking in the background, dogging both Emma and Ian. Bad things begin to happen. And family secrets are starting to ooze out from where they’ve long been hidden.

Not by Sight by Kay Lyons tells the story of Ian and Emma. It is the first of seven books in Lyons’ Stone River series, described as “sweet and clean romances.” Lyons has another series in the same category, Secret Santa. Under the name Ivy James, she’s published 11 “slightly sexier” romance stories.

Not by Sight is a heartwarming story about a man struggled with a sudden disability, a young woman who doesn’t let blindness stop her even as she experiences its limitations and problems, and how they eventually come to help each other. 

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