Wednesday, November 6, 2019

Four More Christmas Romances

Thanksgiving is still three weeks off, and already Christmas decorations are flooding retail stores. It’s not only Christmas that prompts a consumer marketing frenzy; my local grocery start set up its large Halloween candy display in late August.

The Christmas season is also a time for Christmas stories, and Christmas romance stories. I noted four last week, and here are four more. If you’re looking for light, holiday reading, these just might fit the bill.

In Calm and Bright by Autumn Macarthur, Brad Hughes is a big-city hospital administrator and borderline workaholic. His former wife, Maddie, is living in Idaho with their four-year-old son, Jacob, who happens to be crazy about his father. Maddie invites Brad to her home in Huckleberry Lake for Christmas; she wants her son to be with his father. Maddie still has strong feelings for Brad but doesn’t trust him. Brad desperately wants a reconciliation and for Maddie and Jacob to live with him in Los Angeles. The irresistible force is about to meet the immovable object.

Widower Kade Delgado has a toddler named Jericho who he deeply loves. At the coffee shop in Saddle Springs, Kade comes face to face with Cheri Mackenzie, the woman who ran off with another man years before – right before her wedding to Kade. That turned out to be a bad mistake, and she’s come back to help care for her aging grandparents. Will Kade and Cheri understand what happened, and what is still happening? The Cowboy’s Christmas Reunion by Valerie Comer tells their story. 

Winter’s Kiss by Sienna Carr is set in Starling Bay, state unknown but usually about a five-hour drive from Boston. Widowed and still grieving Merry Nicholls is a marketing manager for a big Boston department story, and her mother has convinced to take some time off and spend a month in Starling Bay. Dylan Fraser is a former small-role actor who’s trying to make a go of his pottery store. Merry’s Great Dane Goliath causes chaos at Dylan’s shop, and it looks like love might be just around the corner.

Lisa Marsh has been volunteered to serve Thanksgiving dinner at a local Chicago mission, and she’s just not up for it. She starts but makes a mess with some of the mission’s clients. One particularly scruffy-looking individual is Pete. A friend challenges Lisa to help just one person, and she decides she will help Pete get his life together by finding him work. She even prints business cards. But Pete isn’t what he appears to be. And the story of Lisa and Pete is told inSnow Angels by Cathe Swanson. 


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Autumn Macarthur said...

Hi, Glynn! Thanks so much for the recommendations. I appreciate you including Calm & Bright. :)