Saturday, November 2, 2019

Saturday Good Reads

It was a good week for poetry. For the past few weeks, I’ve been exploring a site I tripped over, the Society of Classical Poets. Take a look at David Watt’s “Destiny in Blue.” And I doscivered a new site (new for me), The Chained Muse, a combination of poetry and articles about poetry. Daniel Leach’s “In the Deep of the Night” is an example of what’s posted.

In 1943, C.S. Lewis began a series of lectures at Kings College in London. The lectures were eventually edited and assembled into a book, The Abolition of Man. Matt Purple at The American Conservative says Lewis predicted the cultural and social dystopia we’re living in today. 

Andrea Burke is a mother who had just seen her firstborn off to college, and she’s experiencing all the anxieties parents, and especially Christian parents, have. See “My Love Cannot Save You.”

More Good Reads

American Stuff

Who Was Cotton Mather? – Nate Pickowicz at Tabletalk. 


Paul Laurence Dunbar – D.S. Martin at Kingdom Poets.

Autumn – Seth Lewis.

John Ashbery, the Poet of Our Clime – Arthur Krystal at Raritan Quarterly Review.

The Sea – David Gosselin at The Imaginative Conservative.

All Hallow’s Eve – Malcolm Guite.

Life and Culture

Adam, meet Eve – David Warren at Essays in Idleness.

A Primer on Digital Thinking Part 3: Rise of the Robots? – Martin Schell at Front Porch Republic.

British Stuff

Brexit and Evensong – Glenn Arbery at The Imaginative Conservative.

St Katherine Docks – A London Inheritance.

Alliteration as an Aid: What's in a Name? – Annie Whitehead at Casting Light upon the Shadow.


When Love Calls Your Name – Greg Doles at Chasing Light.

The Pachamama Synod Ends – Rod Dreher at The American Conservative.

History as a Work of Honor – Jared Olivetti at Gentle Reformation.

5 Myths about the Reformation - Gavin Ortlund at Crossway.

The Reformation's African Roots - A. Trevor Sutton at The Gospel Coalition.


Autumn – Susan Etole.

News Media

Writing and Literature

When a Writer Becomes a Target – Rachelle Gardner, Literary Agent.

Brooklyn Duo: Pachelbel’s Canon (Canon in D) – Cello and Piano

Painting: Benjamin Franklin Reading, oil on canvas by David Martin (1767), The White House, Washington, D.C

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