Friday, May 6, 2022

The reading of the will

After Matthew 5:1-10

It’s like the reading 

of the will and testament, 

the will for the family.


The poor in spirit, who

know they are in need,

receive the kingdom.

The mourners, for

whatever reason, receive

comfort and embrace.

The meek, the gentle ones,

inherit the earth.

The hungry, the ones who

know righteousness does

not come from within,

will be filled.

The merciful, who show

mercy and compassion,

are granted mercy.

The pure in heart, who

seek to purify their lives

fully and completely, 

will see God.

The peacemakers, who

seek God’s peace, not

man’s, are named sons

of heaven.

The persecuted, the ones

treated unjustly for what

they believe in faith, who

remain steadfast to the end,

inherit the kingdom.


Photograph by Melinda Gimpel via Unsplash. Used with permission.

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