Friday, November 21, 2014

St. James Park Tube Station

A small station,
St. James Park is,
threatening inconsequence,
caught as it is in the space
between the riot of people
that is its nearby sister Victoria
and the riot of government
and tourists that is
its nearby brother Westminster.
But it has a reach, it does,
bordering on the formidable:
Buckingham Palace
the Horse Guards
Scotland Yard
Westminster Abbey
Victoria Street
Birdcage Walk and the park
the Ministry of Justice (all
those CCTV cameras) and sharing
a building with the tube’s HQ.
It even merits a ticket office,
attended by personnel, where
we wait in queue, quietly,
for our Oyster cards, topping off
with more pounds. 

We stand on the platform
waiting for the train
from Victoria (eastbound) or
from Westminster (westbound)
making sure as we board
to mind the gap. 

The St. James Park tube station in London has three entrances – one on Broadway, one on Petty France, and one on Palmer Street. We used all three, although the Palmer Street entrance was the closet to our hotel. 

Photograph: Exterior of the St. James Park tube station, Petty France entrance.

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