Friday, November 28, 2014

This well of stone

I sit in this well of stone
of limestone silence, circling
and semicircling around me

I sit on a narrow ledge

convenient for sitting
preferably in silence

the empty sky is loud
above me

It is a sculpture I sit within,
a cocoon of stone of two rooms
one a single space

with a turret, entered
by bending low before
standing up again, a bow
of obeisance.

Two rooms, two thresholds
within a threshold, one
equipped with a back entrance

an escape, unexpected

Photographs: The permanent art installation “Threshold” by Roger Feldman, Laity Lodge near Leakey, Texas.


Maureen said...

Love this. Just watched the video about the installation. Wonderful for contemplation.

Monica Kaye said...

Beautiful. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Lovely. I am reminded that God always gives us a way of escape.

caryjo said...

A good eye-catcher and a heart-grabber. And, being a rocky person, this was also a vision grabber. Thanks.