Tuesday, October 31, 2017

The cover photo for my "orphan" book

I've called it my my orphan book - the one I struggled to write because I wanted to get to the one after it. This one was in the way, and it was too fragmented, and too disconnected, with too much needing to be done. 

But I couldn't get to the one I wanted to write until this one was written. And then something happened in the struggle: the orphan book became my personal favorite. New characters emerged, new story lines developed, and new scenes erupted right on my computer screen. 

And now it's moving through the editorial production process, shepherded by Mark Sutherland at Dunrobin Publishing. Aboce is the cover photo we're working on for novel #3, Dancing King. It was taken by Thomas Kelley, via Unsplash


Anonymous said...

Awesome, Glynn!

Elisabeth said...

Oo, I'm excited to hear this!