Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Circuit Race

Comes a swarm
Of color on pavement,
Flowing, rolling blur
Repeating hopes, ambitions and dreams.
The hive sounds a buzz
Of calves and machines and gears
Moving almost as one.

It curves a corner,
Straddling first left
Then right,
Accelerating to the line
Of memory and desire.

Channeled forward
By barricades of applause,
Applause struck by wonder,
The rainbow streaks
To a cacophony
Of completion.

(Photograph: Tour de Missouri, Stage 1, St. Louis, Mo., Sept. 7, 2009)


L.L. Barkat said...

I liked the poignancy of this phrase tucked in along the way...

"to the line
Of memory and desire"

Anonymous said...

Glynn - Felt like I was there. I especially liked the imagery of the hive sounds as buzz - like a swarm of insects moving as one around the corner.

Anonymous said...

creative discription!