Thursday, September 10, 2009

Poem for Shrinking the Camel

Last night, three of us likely shocked a few followers with a series of 49 tweets on Twitter that were a kind of poetry jam. Suggested by L.L. Barkat, this jam or “twoem” lasted slightly over an hour and included TchrEric and myself. There had been the possibility of a fourth, our friend Shrinking the Camel, but, alas, another commitment took him away from the oasis. So in his (absent) honor, we have this.

At the Oasis, The Camel on Caravan
By llbarkat, TchrEric and gyoung9751

Who were you in my dream?
The mermaid asked,
Herself the tears that feared to live.

I was the snow white hart, leaping from the touch.
I was the fish the mermaid shadowed.
I was the story in the burning book.
I was the fork, golden and shining.

I was a clearing
Ringed and shadowed
With evergreens.
I was the altar flickering blue,
The moonlight ringed by heaven,
The ever in the green.

I was the candle burning lonely.
I was the panel of glass,
The wind that knocked at the glass.
I was the lateness in the night.

I was a drop of wax aside the candle.
I was the sound of shattering of gold.
I was the chattering night, wishing sweet dreams.
I was the kitchen fire, the fire hearth,
The flame that laughed at goodbye.

I was the camel that knelt
At the eye of the needle.
I was the memory
That lay behind
The departed.
I was the threatening slumber.
I was the memory
Cluttered with stars.

I was the awakening of the stars
To a new day.

I was the twittering
That arose from dark corners.
I was the black hole,
Filled by grace.
I was the crimson-laced grace.
I was the curtain that brushed your face.
I was the morning
Mourning the night.

I was the oddness
That twisted the light.
I was the wholeness that became the holy.
I was the mourning
That wept.
I was the tears,
Coursing down cheeks.
I was the clock
That ticked near the wall.

I was the wish
For a teacher and a camel,
Who instead became
A pastel artist
Of prayers and seedlings
And green inventions.

Who were you in my dream?


L.L. Barkat said...


Oh, I love this [she says, from a slightly biased position]

No, but really, I love how you wove our Tweets together into something yet again new, even poignant.

Marcus Goodyear said...

That is really fun. You guys are like a new kind of Oulipo Group!

Anonymous said...

Really awesomely cool and artistic in a random meet-up/tweet-up kind of way.
I love it! Some of the imagery is just ... inspiring.
I must print it out and save it. (and savor it)

Anonymous said...

my heart stopped beating
as i felt the words
i fainted
joyful ache