Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Who Were You in My Dream?

After last week's poetry jam (or "twoem") on Twitter, I extracted my contributions and then reshaped them a bit, although "my contributions" turn out to have been highly influenced by my fellow contributors. So, a deep bow of thanks to @llbarkat and @TchrEric.

Who Were You in My Dream?

I was the lateness in the night
That passed through the pane
Of glass.
I was the wind
That teased the candle flame.

I was the drop of wax
Aside the candle,
On the golden fork,
The gold reflecting shards
Of a shattered window.

I was the memory lying
Behind the departed,
Beyond the cluttered table,
To remain still,
Quiet in slumber,
Unworried by morning
Crossing my brow
Or furrowing my mind.

I was the black hole
Filled by grace,
Rimmed in pastel
With crimson morning.

I was the morning
Pushing past the curtain,
Mourning the night
By shouting the day,
The sun that awoke my heart
To the new day.

I was the wholeness
That became the holy,
As walls of dreams
Surrounded the clocks.


L.L. Barkat said...

This was especially nice...

"I was the wind
That teased the candle flame..."

Anonymous said...

i am very fond of all the words that go winding around like barn swallows in flight.