Friday, September 4, 2009

When Apples are Optional

Today at High Calling Blogs, there is a post entitled "When Writing, Apples Are Optional," written by poet and artist L.L. Barkat. The first poem I wrote and posted on this blog, "Night, Near A Garden," is the featured poem, sort of today's "Random Act of Poetry," and another one, "Summer Light," is listed via a link.

I learned from L.L.'s post that I'm a "poem doodler," along with two others she knows of. A poem doodler writes poems and fragments of poems in meetings, during church sermons, while you're waking up in the morning -- generally any time you would normally be doing something else. "Poem doodler" is OK, but I think "poetic multi-tasker" is what it really means (that's the corporate business side of me poking through).

It is a great blessing, and a great encouragement, to see my poem on The High Calling Blogs.

1 comment:

L.L. Barkat said...

Glynn, that's hilarious. A euphemism for poem doodling!!

We were happy to feature you and look forward to your new journey in poetry.