Tuesday, August 30, 2011

How to Cope with a Toxic Boss

I've counted 24 bosses over the course of my career. The longest I've ever worked for one boss was four years. The shortest was for a few months. I've had good bosses and bad. I've had capable, competent bosses, and bosses who -- weren't. I've had bosses I liked, and ones I didn't. I've had bosses who were scrupulously fair, and ones who played favorites. Of all the varieties of bosses and boss experiences, there were two -- fortunately, only two -- that I would call toxic. 

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David Rupert said...

Glynn...You have a done a good job of boiling down the bad boss to the general charactistic of truth-telling. My best bosses were the ones who told me like it is. And they weren't always nice about it, but I always found a way to respect the truth teller

Anonymous said...

say the truth
walk in the light
and don't let
the toxic bite