Sunday, February 28, 2021

A wise man speaks

After Acts 5:33-42

I hear your anger
and rage, I get it,
I understand, but
cool your jets,
take care what
you do here; you
know what happened
when you condemned
the Nazarene – you
got this before you now.
In your rage and anger
you want to do it again,
repeat the same mistake,
believing you’ll get
a different result. Chill,
people, and consider
all the ones who came
before, making their
claims. You know them,
you remember them,
we ignored them and
they slipped into obscurity,
remembered only
as examples of fools.

If these we see today
are likewise fools,
they will likewise slip
into obscurity. But if
they are from God,
nothing will stop them,
least of all your anger
and rage. Nothing
you do will have
any effect, because
you would oppose
the One who cannot
be stopped. 

This time, the powers
did the unexpected
and the unusual: 
they listened to and
heeded good advice.

Photograph by Susmita Saha via Unsplash. Used with permission.


Martha Jane Orlando said...

How rarely do people actually listen to good advice, Glynn. Beautifully expressed here!

Glynn said...

Martha, thank you!