Friday, February 19, 2021

Nothing angers like success

After Acts 5:17-21

The sick healed,
the demons cast out,
people coming together
to pray, to worship,
to sing, and the share, 
and the powers that be,
good elites that they are,
sense disquiet, sense danger,
sense threats to the status quo,
all of which means threats
to themselves, threats
to their positions, so
they do what any self-respecting
elites would do, and arrest
these rabble rousers and
peace disturbers, tossing them
into cells and securely locking
the threats away.
So they think.

Photograph by Andre Tan via Unsplash. Used with permission.

1 comment:

Martha Jane Orlando said...

No one could silence the believers, no matter how hard they tried. Great parallel for what we see going on in today's society.
Blessings, Glynn!