Saturday, June 19, 2021

Saturday Good Reads - June 19, 2021

A commonly used phrase during the time of the pandemic was “Follow the Science!” – and heaven help you if you even expressed a tentative doubt about the reigning orthodoxy on COVID. If you were so foolhardy, you could be banned by Twitter, suspended by Facebook, abused by the news media, or canceled by Google. Now we learn that it wasn’t so much “Follow the Science!” as it was “Obey the Scientist – or Else!” Author Mike Duran questions this “cult of the expert,” and says we need to question scientists, academics, researchers, and journalists – and do it routinely.   

BBC News (of all people) had the audacity to disclose what a lot of people have been noting privately – that most diversity training is ineffective, and despite that, it won’t go away


Samuel James has been writing a series of thoughtful articles about faith and cultural engagement. His most recent post, “Our Cultural Engagement Needs More Heaven,” is a good example. 


More Good Reads




Life with a Star – J. Hoberman at Tablet Magazine.


News Media


The Media Didn’t ‘Get It Wrong’ On Lafayette Park, They Lied to America — And They’re Still Lying – Christopher Bedford at The Federalist.


What makes a news story trustworthy? Americans point to the outlet that publishes it, sources cited – John Gramlicj at Pew Research.




Meditation – Gillian Allnut at Kingdom Poets (D.S. Martin). 


Of Schools, Movements and Manifestos: Where Are the Poetry Wars of Yesteryear? – Stephen Kessler at Los Angeles Review of Books.


‘No Letters’ and ‘Decay Again’ – James Sale at Society of Classical Poets.


Writing and Literature


C.S. Lewis’s Role in ‘The Lord of the Rings’ – Harry Lee Poe at Crossway.




The Most Notable Effects of the First and Second Great Awakenings – Thomas Kidd at For the Church.


The Ark of the Covenant in its Egyptian Context – David Falk at Biblical Archaeology.


Prolegomena to Poetry – J. Brandon Meeks at Mere Orthodoxy.


Sometimes I Think I Hear Singing – Andrea Sanborn at A View of the Lake.


Christians, Beware the Blame Game – Carl Trueman at First Things Magazine.


Life and Culture


“Cancel Culture” and the Great Men of the West – Mark Malvasi at The Imaginative Conservative. 


Dear Mom: A Letter on Time – Doug Sikkema at Front Porch Republic.


Is He Worthy / Agnus Dei / We Fall Down – Maverick City

Painting: Portrait of Victor Segalen, oil on canvas (1909) by George-Daniel de Montfried (1856-1929). 

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