Saturday, May 7, 2011

Saturday Good Reads

There was a royal wedding, and Peter Pollock (an Englishman by birth!) said so what? And Sir John Rutter was commissioned to write original music for it, and it's superb. Then Osama bin Laden was killed, and the online world went OBL viral; two of the better posts on it came from Kathy Richards and Billy Coffey. Jeanne Damoff celebrated her 32nd wedding anniversary (she was married at 2).  And that’s just a little bit of all the good stuff from the web last week.


Whether you work with your hands or your brains, you should be honored” by Peter Faur.

A Royal Wedding – So What?” by Peter Pollock.

Should authors be social media experts?” by Mike Duran at deCompose.

Doubting God: The Beginning of Faith” by Jennifer Dukes-Lee at Getting Down with Jesus.

The angel who couldn’t” and “I’m a killer, too” by Duane Scott.

Are we spoiled?" by Fatha Frank at Public Christianity.

God is…forgiving” by Jay Cookingham for Make a Difference to One.

The Death of Osama bin Ladin” and “Oh, You Shouldn’t Have” by Kathy Richards at Katdish.

Shouldn’t we be sad when even the bad man is killed?” and “Ricky’s Scars” by Billy Coffey at What I Learned Today.

The most segregated day of the week” by Michael Perkins at Untitled.

Hallelujah is still our song” by Jeanne Damoff at The View From Here.

He sleeps where he drops” by Kelly Sauer at A Restless Heart.

The Importance of Letting Go” by Robert Lee Brewer at My Name is Not Bob.

Heresy Wins” by Matt Appling at The Church of No People.


Fill Him Noir” by Arron Palmer.

The Song” by Karen Eck at Karenee Art.

Whispers” by Nancy Rosback at A little somethin’.

Let Your Heart Reason Your Way” by Maureen Doallas at Writing Without Paper.

Breathless” by Rob Kistner at Image & Verse.

Propaganda” by M.J. Duggan.

Percee” by Melissa at All the Words.

Paintings and Photographs

Plein Air Cannon Beach,” watercolor by Randall David Tipton.

With a ‘peep, peep’ here” by Jeanne Damoff at The View From Here.

Mother and Infant” by J of India at Neither Use nor Ornament.

Videos and Podcasts

This is the Day” by Sir John Rutter, commissioned for the Royal Wedding.

Autumn Leaves,” interpretation by Tony DeSare (I heard him play this at the Sheldon Theatre last Saturday evening).

Why is the rose so pale?” Poem by Heinrich Heine, read by Spoken Verse.

The City Limits: An Awe-Inspiring Time Lapse of Cityscapes at Night” by Dominic Boudreault, via Gizmodo.

Photograph: Trees and stained glass by Nancy Rosback. Used with permission.


Laura said...

So many good reads! Thanks for this list, Glynn. I love the way your direct traffic--and where I end up when you are doing so!

katdish said...

Thanks for the mention, Glynn. So many good posts this week I have yet to read.

Jeanne Damoff said...

Thanks, Mr. Glynn, for featuring my words and my pictures, and for saying I was married at 2. :) You made my day three times over.

Happy weekend to you and Happy Mother's Day to the wife of your toddlerhood.

Maureen said...

Jeanne got such a head start on us all, didn't she?

Thank you for including me in your stellar list.

Happy Mothers' Day to your own mother, to Janet and to Cameron's mother, And here's wishing you a lovely weekend among all those women.

S. Etole said...

Thank you for the many good places you direct us.

Jennifer @ said...

Humbled to be included in this list, Glynn.

I've read a few of these already, and Billy Coffey's (on bin Laden) was among my favorites last week.