Thursday, December 9, 2021

"A Death in the Promised Land" by Lawrence Epstein

Daniel Cresson is a mystery writer based in New York. Sitting at his dying mother’s bedside, he makes a promise to her – to take an envelope to Jerusalem, open and read it at the Western Wall, and the insert the envelope in the wall. Daniel is Jewish, but he’s never been to Israel. And now he’s going as part of a tour group. 

At night on the plane, a man is murdered, stabbed to death as he slept. His fiancée was with him; they were planning to move to Israel after they married. There are several potential suspects; the problem is that none of them were on the plane.


The tour operator asks Daniel to talk to the other tour members, to find out what he can. He fulfills the promise he made to his mother, but he learns that his father, who died when Daniel was three, was likely an Israeli secret agent working in anti-terrorist operations. And his father was killed by a terrorist. Daniel’s stay has become complicated, and then someone tries to stab him to death in the street.


Lawrence Epstein

A Death in the Promised Land
 by Lawrence Epstein is the first in the Daniel Cresson mystery series. Epstein in a prolific writer of mysteries and crime thrillers. His novels include the Jack Ryder Series, the Danny Ryle series, the Charlie Singer and Katie Walker Series, and the Daniel Levin Series. He’s also written three books about comedy, several about Jewish history and faith, and one about political folk music. A former English professor, he’s served as an advisor to two members of Congress and two congressional candidates. 


A Death in the Promised Land is as much a mystery as it is the story of man discovering who he really is and what he needs to do as a result.

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