Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Hey, I Take Sabbaticals! I Sleep!

L.L. Barkat over at The High Calling posted a kind of challenge the other day. Actually, she didn’t exactly write it as a challenge, but more of question: do you give technology a rest?

I consider that a challenge. Not as in, I’ll take that one up. But more as in, whaddya mean take a sabbatical – that’s down right un-American. And I x-ed out of the blog post muttering something about finding communists everywhere.

Actually, it’s a good question. And it’s a good question for me to ponder, and deeply. Ask my wife. She thinks I’ve become a cyborg.

My work has everything to do with online media. My team is responsible for the corporate web site, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, some international sites, a few other web sites and some associated social media stuff that goes with those sites. And the corporate blog. Everything we do has to do with technology and online communications.

Then, there’s my personal life, which includes a blog, a Facebook page, two Twitter accounts (although I only use one), occasional writing for two online sites and guest posts every so often. And what I consider my own writing. I’m online a lot. (And I can hear this voice in the background: “And don’t forget Precious,” aka the BlackBerry.)

I can provide all kinds of rationales, but the fact is I spend too much time online.

My name is Glynn, and I’m a technoholic.

So, I’m going to take some small steps. Like weekends. I can reduce my online time on weekends. My target will be to start with being online once on Saturday and once on Sunday, no more than 30 minutes each time. That includes Precious, I mean the BlackBerry.

I’ll let you know how it goes, he says, as he breaks out in a cold sweat.

Photograph: Tree by Bobby Mikul via Public Domain Pictures. Used with permission.


Michael said...

I think I'm gonna join you on this.

Anonymous said...

Hey Glynn, I think it's a good idea, especially if you replace it with other meaningful things in your life (like spending time doing things with your wife).

I am in a blogging routine now that looks like this: 30-45 minutes each morning, a few minutes after work for emails(my wife and I have made it clear: when I get home from work, I am home to be with the family- not online), and maybe an hour or two over the weekends. Then I write whenever I can find breaks during the day (usually 30-60 minutes total), or an hour or two on weekends. It really isn't much time, and limits my online involvement. But keeps my life balanced.

You'll be fine - you'll see!

Sandra Heska King said...

Applause! Applause!

Ahhh. Now you'll have time to "drift and doze" in the yard.

Our cell phone contract is up for renewal. I'm thinking about one of those fancy-wancy phones. Maybe it's not such a good idea.

Maureen said...

You will have plenty of support.

H. Gillham said...

I'm amazed at how much time I an online as well. I blame it on the convenience of a laptop -- if I had to go to the desktop, I don't think I would check around as much.


I don't dare have one of those phones -- right now, I'm not willing to pay for it. :)

Hubby and I are blessed with a house in the mountains of North Georgia, where we are *gasp* not connected. That's an every other weekend offline...

Good luck with setting your limits. I hope it works for you.


Louise Gallagher said...

Oh yeah. I hear ya baby!

And... I too am working on gaining balance.

LOL -- re Precious.

Very very funny!

And good luck re reduction.

Think of it as a cyber-weight loss program. What you lose in cyberworld you'll gain tenfold in the real world as you spend more time with those you love, doing the things you love that engage you in the right now of being your most amazing self.

Okay -- so I need to take your advice and my advice and roll it up into a blanket of comfort as I too,


and break out in a cold sweat!

Thanks for the inspiration Glynn

Megan Willome said...

Love the "Precious" reference. Although for me, it's my iPhone, which I use for the iPod function more than any other.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I'm a technoholic too. I do limit weekends. Of course, usually there's not a lot of choice in the matter so I don't know if it counts or not. :)

L.L. Barkat said...

Lol! :)

I love this, Glynn.

I can't wait to hear how it goes.

Don't be surprised if you feel lonely and restless the first, like, TEN TIMES you do this.

Then. Be amazed at how you come to crave the time away. :)

Cassandra Frear said...

Love to wrap myself in your writers voice. And I love getting on Twitter and finding you there.

I've often wondered how you manage to do so much! I'm posting today about how I break free, too. It just happened that way.

I thought Barkat's post was inspiring.

Anonymous said...

i am thinking as the technology and writing is combined with work and the same technology, it ends up being a lot of time on the computer.

and too much time using the computer causes it to become too much time doing one thing.

i am not sure why, but, it seems that it is no good for us to do too much of one thing. in all ways it is unhealthy.

even too much of a good thing seems to be bad.

so, i am with you on this.
i am with you in support of you using the computer less.
and i am in support by using the computer less as well, because i use it too much.

though i do not have a set schedule for use and non use...i expect to listen and get up more often.

ok...i am going to quit now, and go do some other things for a bit.

Linda said...

I am so with you on this Glynn (and I don't have a job that involves techy things!) I've been struggling for balance ever since I discovered blogging.
I made myself go quiet this weekend, and I experienced some of that cold sweat stuff.
Perhaps we should form a Technoholics Anonymous Group?

Kathleen Overby said...

Surely you can hear the loud standing ovation from the balcony in Washington?

Michelle DeRusha said...

I'm pulling for you Glynn, from one technoholic to another!

Deidra said...

"Precious." LOL!

Anonymous said...

I'm like you - so much of my time spent online... too much, really, I feel. Thanks for this blog (glad I found it), I feel encouraged to cut down, to socialize more, to go for more walks. Yeah, thanks.

Jessica said...

My name is Jessica and I'm a Technowhateveryoucallit.

Oh boy did this post make me laugh and cringe. I'm just trying to find balance.

{mumbling something about communists everywhere}