Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Death by PowerPoint

Business, government and academia can no longer function without it.

It’s taken on the status of a cult.

It controls the world.

“It” is PowerPoint. And I have a post about it today at The High Calling.

Perhaps it’s time for a revolution. Down with the deck!


Louise Gallagher said...

Tee hee! YES! I'm with you brother. I'm burning my PP SW. I'm burning my membership card.

I'm burning up with laughter.

And btw -- I give countless talks and do not, I repeat, do not use PP, even when the call is Show me you PP. I will not!


H. Gillham said...

I taught school -- Power Point? -

*runs and hides*

I saw a cartoon, I think in the New Yorker, once that sums it up:

The Devil is interviewing candidates for positions in Hades -- he asks, "Do you know Power Point?"

Nuff said.