Saturday, October 2, 2010

Saturday Good Reads

This edition of Saturday Good Reads is a little on the short side. I’ve been off the grid most of this week, so this list primarily reflects posts from last Saturday to Tuesday.


Answering the Devaluation of Virtual Relationship” by Karen Eck at Karenee Art.

Where I Am From” by Rue at Passion in the Moments.

A Life Still Filled with Nothing” by Greg Sullivan at Sippican Cottage.

On the Subject of a Place” by Tamara at Living Palm.

Making It Big: Selling Books, Growing Blogs or Saving the World” by L.L. Barkat at Green Inventions Central.

The Business of Grace” by Bradley Moore at Shrinking the Camel.

Spiritual Formation: The Plain, Hard Truth” by Chaplain Mike at Internet Monk.

Lightning Strikes and Other Conversion Stories” by Michelle DeRusha for the Journal-Star.

“J.I. Packer’s 11th Birthday: The Tale of the Bicycle and the Typewriter” by Justin Taylor at Between Two Worlds.

New Shoes” by Michael Perkins at Untitled.

Why Do Christian Publishers Tolerate Violence over Profanity?” by Mike Duran for the Novel Journey.

Roger’s Questions” by Billy Coffey.

Adventure: Storm” and "Adventure: Dancing with a Dragon" by Cassandra Frear at Moonboat Café.

Eight” by Corinne at Trains, Tutus and Tea-Time.

"That Place...My Place" by Jeff Jordan at To My Children If They Are Listening.

"Saints and Poets" by Heather Goodman for The Master's Artist.

"Pulitzer Prize Winners" by Tim Challies at Informing the Reforming.

"There is Always Hope" by Duane Scott for Daily Signs of Hope.


Shine Like This” by Fred Sprinkle at I Force It to Rhyme.

Do You Ever Think About Art?” by Nancy Rosback for New Day Rising, “Beyond” at Poems and Prayers, and “Consider the Souce” at Crossroads (and that's "souce," not "source.".

Lord Have Mercy on Us” for One Stop Poetry and "The Pier" by Pete Marshall.

Giving Up Choir” by Karen Eck at Karenee Art.

The Winding Game (a short story)” by Lesley Moon at Moondustwriter’s Blog.

Same Old Story” by John Blasé at Dirty Shame.

Fold In” by Jerry Barrett at Under the Doorframe.

"A feeling grew into hope" by Maureen Doallas at Writing Without Paper.

"Anew yesterday" by Adam Dustus.

"I've been looking for your shirt" by Michael Perkins.

Paintings and Photographs

Winter Light Study,” watermedia on Yupo by Randall David Tipton.

Imaginings” by Susan Etole at Just…A Moment.

Remnants” by ELK at Red or Gray.

Photograph: Lamp by Nancy Rosback at Poems and Prayers. Used with permission.


Marshy said...

thanks again glynn for listing me...i really appreciate your support..have a great weekend...pete

Sandra Heska King said...

Ooohhh. I'm going to be busy this weekend. Reading. :)

Corinne Cunningham said...

Oh Glynn... thank you.
Off to read like a woman who doesn't have children at her knees (before the kids come back from the playground!) :)

Maureen said...

For one who has been "off the grid" you have still managed to put together a great reading list. Thank you for including me.

dustus said...

Thank you, Glynn. Appreciate being included. Enjoy the weekend!

Duane Scott said...

Thanks for listing me! I've followed quite a few new people because of this posts. :)

SippicanCottage said...

Hi Glynn

S. Etole said...

Appreciation from this quarter, too ... for the time you spend doing this and for the mention. Thank you!

Michelle DeRusha said...

I honestly don't know how you find the time to do all this reading all week! Thank you for including me...and I hope you had a great retret at Laity!