Saturday, October 16, 2010

Saturday Good Reads

If you got any free time for reading today, there is a lot of good stuff here.


The bird of time” and "Maxi" by Louise Gallagher at Recover Your Joy.

Worth” by A.G. Harmon at The Image Journal.

I Know a Little Bit” by Michael Perkins at Untitled.

The Monstrosity of Christ” by David Griffith for The Image Journal.

What you need to do after next Sunday’s sermon” by Ann Voskamp at A Holy Experience.

5 Characteristics of a Friend Who Cares” by Kevin Martineau at Shooting the Breeze.

Of Fairy Tales and Monsters” by Billy Coffey.

Speaking into Silence” by Karen Eck at Karenee Art.

A Christian Mid-Life Crisis?” by Charity Singleton at Wide Open Spaces.

Hold On Tight” by Jeff Jordan at To My Children, If They Are Listening.

A Letter to North American Churches” by Makoto Fujimura.

Conjuring the Ineffable” by Andy Whitman at The Image Journal.

How Do You Know?” by Jessica McGuire at Jezamama.

Is there a solution to bullying?” by Kathy Richards at Katdish.

"He doesn't give up on me, so how can I give up on you?" by David Rupert at Red-Letter Believers.

"The Cafe" by Jerry at Under the Door Frame.

"Family" by Sarah Salter at Living Between the Lines.


The Fall of New York” and “Spanish Steps” by Steven Marty Grant at Urbanality.

Emily” and "Brown Around" by Jerry at Under the Doorframe.

Worn” and “Once” by Nancy Rosback at Crossroads.

Prayers of the People” by John Blasé at Dirty Shame.

Waiting to be Inspired” and “All is Right” by Jeffrey Turner at The World Through My Eyes.

Not Because of You” by Maureen Doallas at Writing Without Paper.

Falling” and “Reaching” by Melissa at All the Words.

Who is for Dinner Tonight?” by Brian Miller at WayStationOne.

A Bell Rung” by David Brydon at Poetry Blog.

Our World’s More Full of Weeping Than You Can Understand: The Stolen Child” by William Butler Yeats via Greg Sullivan at Sippican Cottage.

Burnt Blood and Feathers” by Karen Eck at Karenee Art.

Slip” by Bradley Moore at And the Other Thing Is.

The Fun of the Morbid Man” by Fred Sprinkle at I Force It to Rhyme.

Brush Against My Face” by Michael Perkins at Untitled.

"Autumn Winds" by Justinian at Delight and Glory and Oddity and Light.

Paintings and Photographs

Watching” by Susan Etole at Just…A Moment.

Another Autumn,” oil on paper by Randall David Tipton.

Photo-Playing” by Laura Boggess at The Wellspring.

America” by Nancy Rosback at Crossroads.

Reflection” by Jessica McGuire at Jezamama.

Photograph: Lamp, by Nancy Rosback. Used with permission.


Bob Spencer said...
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katdish said...

Thanks for the mention, Glynn. So many titles here that look like great reads. And thanks again for the great review of Snow Day. You really captured the essence of Billy's book.

Anonymous said...

thanks for this fantastic saturday list!
and nice to be included.

Maureen said...

Good reading is right!

Thank you for including me.

Kevin said...

Thanks for mentioning my post Glyn! I appreciate it!

Anonymous said...

honoring so many talented artists, writers, or poets could be challenging, but you did it fabulously...
resourceful post.
well done!

S. Etole said...

appreciate your compiling this and the mention ...