Wednesday, March 2, 2011

And on the Seventh Day

On that seventh day
when it was all good,
all things created,
I wonder and ask
what God did to rest.

No Sunday football,
no art museums;
perhaps a visit
to the global zoo
or a longish nap?

No Little League game,
no worship service
or church welcome lunch;
perhaps choir practice
with heaven’s angels?

No short Sunday drive,
no movies to watch,
no Starbuck’s to drink;
perhaps a silent stroll
on the empty beach?

No good books to read (or bad ones),
no trashy novels (or good ones),
no stories or articles to write,
no Barnes & Noble bargain books;
perhaps a dive into the Word?

No one to Facebook
or follow on Twitter,
no one’s blog to read,
no net to surf;
perhaps a spider’s web to watch?

I will never know
what God did to rest
on that seventh day
when all things were good;
I’m at the ball game.

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Photograph: Stillness by Michael Drummond via Public Domain Pictures. Used with permission. The photograph is of St. Mary’s Loch, Scottish Borders.


Unknown said...

Great question Bro' and an totally awesome way to ask it!

Laura said...

I like thinking of God walking through these rest possibilities today. It makes me smile. God on Facebook? Could he be? You make a girl ponder, Glynn. But I rather think he sat down under his God-tree and watched his children play. And sleep. And dream. That's my favorite resting preoccupation. And it's a good one.

David Rupert said...

I wonder if He just sat and watched His creation?

Megan Willome said...

Yes! Yes! Yes! I LOVE this, Glynn. What did God do to rest? A good question on ponder on my sabbath.

Louise Gallagher said...

Hmmmm.... I like Ruperts response -- we, his creation, are more entertaining and interesting than any TV show or movie!

S. Etole said...

It's interesting that we wonder what God "did" to rest ... which makes me wonder if we understand the concept of rest.

Jeanne Damoff said...

LOVE this, Glynn! Playful and provocative at the same time. Makes me rethink what I consider rest.

Anonymous said...

So fun and thought-provoking. Thanks for another wonderful poem, Glynn. You are so gifted!

Anonymous said...

So fun and thought-provoking. Thanks for another wonderful poem, Glynn. You are so gifted!

Anonymous said...

This. Is. Awesome.

Jerry said...

I love poetical lists...especially what ifs? and what woulds?
ahh rest...for me it was when the power went out. Good the way would it be a Cardinals game?

Tracy Krauss said...

What indeed. I don't know we really even understand what 'rest' means anymore. Rest in today's culture means all the 'fun' activity you mentioned. I imagine god just meditating and reflecting on what He made.

Katie said...

Love your thought provoking thoughts and questions. I have been wondering what God did on that seventh day myself.

Anonymous said...

Very thought provoking and something I wonder what God wants me to do more of. Thanks for sharing!

Sheryl said...

I love the question! It's definitely worth pondering.

Bonnie Gray said...

This question is ripe with endless whitespace prompts. I can't wait to have this conversation with God.. to ponsder and chat with Him. Thank you, Glynn!

Unknown said...

Your ending is awesome because it's your truth. I like that it ended this way.