Sunday, December 12, 2010

The Unintended Conspiracy of Design

I’ve have long been
by the order of things
by nature’s own design,
by man’s own design,
by how nature and man
can unexpectedly and
independently conspire
to create a synthesis
of form, of combination,
of suggestion, of philosophy,
of vista, of horizon,
while simultaneously
maintaining boundaries,
fencing prerogatives,
staking territories,
separating light from darkness,
warmth from coldness,
nearness from distance,
natural from created,
with the blue emptiness
of sky exercising

This poem is submitted for the picture prompt challenge at One Stop Poetry. To see other poems, please visit the site.

Photograph: The View Along U.S. 40 in Mountain Vernon Canyon, Colorado by German-American photographer Andreas Feininger (1906 – 1999).


dustus said...

"by how nature and man can unexpectedly and independently conspire to create a synthesis..."

Glynn, your poem reminds me of scientist/artist efforts to describe and quantify qualities of the physical world—in both cases begun through fascination and attempts synthesizes aspects of experience. Awesome poem.

Wysteria said...

Wow... as Dustus said, an awesome poem. I had to read it twice to let the words flow in me and you brought me to another place.



Unknown said...

Awesome poem Glynn.......

Jerry said...

I felt like I was sitting having coffee with you as you shared your observations of the world, natural and man made. Love the spiritual lean at the end. The sky's soveriegnty...

Gigi Ann said...

The order of things I also find fascinating. What a Wonderful God we have, who set everything in order. Mere man could never compete with our Grand Creator.

Reflections said...

Awesome write, conflicting efforts of man on the glorious nature, created endless, yet simple boundaries remain.

Maureen said...

Great title!

Interesting interplays and contrasts of man in nature, nature in man, nature of man.

I especially like "the blue emptiness/ of sky exercising / sovereignty".

signed...bkm said...

Glynn love your world observations neatly stacked into this great read on the philosphy of life...questions never asked are never have many here...questions and answers...all under a blue sky....thank you great read for a Sunday morning...bkm

Anita Magdalena said...

I love to observe the world, nature, the sky, the universe and try to piece it all together in my mind. I really enjoyed your poem, thank you.


Claudia said...

you for sure created a synthesis as well with your words - wow glynn

Caty said...

awesome and nature working together :) lovely

hedgewitch said...

Definitely worth thinking about, the nature of boundaries, and the blending of nature's and man's priorities and needs. Nice one shoot, Glynn.

Ordinary Things said...

Your juxtaposition of our "designs" and His is intriguing.

Are they in conflict or harmony?

When our "designs" reflect His, I think they have the most potential to carry both truth and beauty.

Helena Malheur said...

beautiful exploration of nature and a thought provoking read. Enjoyed it very much.

Margo said...

I love the yin and yang of your poem except for the last: the sky. Just as in the photo. You set up the balance beautifully.

Hope said...

Wonderfully written!
you express your words beautifully1
thank you

and thank you for your visit and comment

Unknown said...

I love the paradox here that you bring home at the and co-redeemers yet in the end...sovereignty...this is such a tension and yet a great mystery to embrace:)

p.s. do you have a math or engineering background like me?