Sunday, February 6, 2011

Mark Sutherland's "Why Do We Celebrate Easter?"

My reading is nothing if not eclectic. And now I’ve read a simple, delightful telling of the Easter story, designed especially for children. (OK, so I’m a child at heart.)

Why Do We Celebrate Easter? by Mark Sutherland started as the words Sutherland told his own children (then ages 3 to 7) about the reason for Easter. He starts where the real story starts – with Adam and Eve at the creation and fall. The story follows the birth and life of Jesus, including his crucifixion and resurrection, including regular reminders that this was part of God’s overall plan.

Sutherland uses simple language, designed precisely for his 7-and-under audience. The story can be read by older children and easily followed by those younger. The illustrations by artist Julie Hammond match the simplicity of the text (although I think I enjoyed them as much as any young child might).

In about a year or so, I know what I’m going to be reading to my grandson about Easter. Why Do We Celebrate Easter? is a delightful rendering of a serious, important story.


MarkISutherland said...

Thanks for the review Glynn. I'm honored you will be using this with your grandson in the future. My prayer for this book is that many parents, grandparents, uncles, aunts and others with kids in their lives use this book to convey the simple, yet absolutely amazing truth about Easter. If people need more info they can visit

Kato 'n Gamby said...

-This is a great idea, long overdue... I pray for its success!