Wednesday, September 29, 2021

Early autumn light

Early autumn light
filters through branches
and leaves, parading
itself with shadows 
and patterns, fluid,
changing itself and
being changed by 
a brief puff of wind,
a passing bird sailing
on light-leavened currents,
a cloud.  

Early autumn light,
transient, ever-changing,
is discernible only
when paired with
darkness or shadow
ebbing toward
its wintry death. 
To understand the light,
first understand the dark.


Martha Jane Orlando said...

There is nothing more intriguing than autumn light, Glynn. Beautiful!

Unknown said...

Beautiful, Glynn. It's all about chiaroscuro, right?

Truly, my favorite time of year, though I could do without these summer climes in St. Louis. I'm sure you'd agree! Ugh.