Sunday, September 26, 2021

Pilgrimage I

After Isaiah 9:6 and Psalm 121

When I say I lift

my eyes up

to the hills,

I speak on the road

to the city,

the city on a hill,

the city in these hills,

the home of where

we worship.

I am on the road,

on the pilgrimage,

because the sound 

in my heart requests,

in my heart requires, 

this journey

to the hills. 

When I lift 

my eyes up

to the hills,

I see the source

of what sustains,

of what sustains me.


Photograph by Damien DUFOUR Photographie via Unsplash. Used with permission

1 comment:

Martha Jane Orlando said...

The source of all our sustanance . . .
Blessings, Glynn!