Tuesday, November 3, 2020

When Your Phone Dies: "A Hurricane in My Head" by Matt Abbott

What do you do when your phone dies? Poet Matt Abbott has a suggestion, at least for your young teen. And it’s radically counter-cultural. 

Abbott is a poet and educator who lives in Yorkshire in the U.K. He loves poetry; he began writing it when he was 17. He wants everyone, of all ages, to love poetry, “especially those who consider it a dull and irrelevant artform.” He’s published a collection for adults, Two Little Ducks (And Selected Poems 2015-2018), based on a highly successful one-man show. Now he’s published a poetry collection for children.


A Hurricane in My Head: Poems for When Your Phone Dies is aimed at children in the middle grades, but the fact is that it’s great fun for children of all ages, including grandfathers.


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