Saturday, November 28, 2020

Saturday Good Reads

In June of 1939, the parents of seven-year-old Lotte Berger made the agonizing decision to send their daughter to safety. From Vienna, Lotte was sent to England via the Kindertransport, the effort to save as many Jewish children as possible. She landed with a family that was part of the Bruderhof community. In 1941, because of their German connections, those communities were ordered to leave England or be interned. Three other Kindertransport children living with her were returned to relatives; Lotte’s parents, who could still be contacted, said to take her as far away from Hitler as possible. Norann Voll at Plough tells Lotte’s story 

Because of COVID-19, schools have been closed, reopened, and closed for six months. What is this doing to children? The answers are beginning to arrive, and they aren’t good. Lisa Miller at The Cut has the story of an Oregon neuroscientist who’s been studying the effects of isolation on the development of young children. 


David Warren is a Canadian, living in Toronto, who tends to be a bit of a contrarian about politics in Canada and the country south of the Canadian border he calls the Natted States.  (He also refers to the news media as the “medjuh” and COVID-19 as the “Chinese batflu.” A recent post took a step in a different direction. It’s short, simple, and strikes you silent, not nmatter what your politics might be. Read “A Threesome.” 


More Good Reads


Life and Culture


Markets and the Strangulation of the American Family – Gracy Olmstead at Mere Orthdoxy.


Highly Qualified: What Does Liberalism Even Mean Anymore? – The Dandy.


Remembering Who We Are: The Conservative’s New Fight – Kay Clarity at The Imaginative Conservative.


A Woke Analysis – Andrew Gardner.




Has the Childhood Home of Jesus Christ Actually Been Found in Nazareth? – Ed Whelan at Ancient Origins.




At the End of the Day – Kerry Darbishire at Ice Floe Press (H.T: Paul Brookes). 


Refuge – Sarah Klassen at Kingdom Poets (D.S. Martin).


A poem called Anxiety – Aaron Smith at Cultural Savage.


Northern Lake – George David Clark at Literary Matters.


Where Are the Leaves? – Jeff Kemper at Society of Classical Poets.


The Web – Katie Peterson at Literary Matters.




The Government Says We Can’t Sing. What Should We Do? (A Forum) – Jonathan Leeman at 9Marks.


The Church: A Dwelling Place for God – Nate Shurden at Tabletalk.


A Day of Reckoning: Victorian Government pushes to ban Christian practices with threat of 10 years in prison – Murray Campbell at Ideas about & for Melbourne.




The Hotel at the Heart of the Hudson River School – Rebecca Rego Barry at Lapham’s Quarterly.


Hunt still on for a Van Gogh self-portrait lost deep in a salt mine during the Second World War – Martin Bailey at The Art Newspaper.


American Stuff


Drunks and democrats – Vaughn Scribner at Aeon Magazine.


Writing and Literature


Why I Write: Thoughts on Joy and Obedience – Benjamin Vrbicek at Fan and Flame.


News Media


Matt Drudge Logs Off – Armin Rosen at Tablet Magazine.


Faithful God – I Am They

Painting: Portrait of a Young Woman Reading, oil on canvas (1924) by Dean Cornwell (1892-1960).


Bill (cycleguy) said...

I Am They is one of my favorite groups. I love this song. What a tremendous need for this today.

Glynn said...

Bill, in addition to the song, I really like how they staged it -- a roadside gas station and country store, like something from an Edward Hopper painting.