Friday, January 15, 2021

The purpose of a life

After Acts 3:1-10

I see his hand, outstretched,
his voice modulated in supplication,
a voice practiced and honed
for years, and I stop and stare, and
wonder what his purpose is, why
he is here, for I have no coin
to drop into his hand, no alms
to soothe his plaintive cry. I see
his face and I know, that I am
to give alms of a different kind.

In his name, rise,
In his name, walk.
Rise and walk.

I pull him up, and the voice
is struck mute for once,
for a moment, that he can
stand, and then he walks,
and then he jumps and
leaps, testing to see if it’s
all some magic trick,
the power of suggestion,
and then he knows,
he knows it is real,
and when he knows
he clings to what
has healed him.

Photograph by Jonathan Sebastiao via Unsplash. Used with permission.