Friday, January 22, 2021

You ask, we answer

After Acts 4:1-14

There’s the question, tossed
lightly but landing with
a rather loud thud, asking
what power or name or
authority that the man is’
healed, that man crippled 
from birth, and that’s it,
the elephant in the room,
the asking powerful
surrounding the answering
insignificant. And the answer:
we heal in his name, you know, 
him, the one you crucified.
And if our words are lacking,
the healed man stands with us, 
a witness no one can refute.

Nothing can be done, they
mutter quietly to each other,
we’ll start a riot if we deny
the reality of what the people
see, so we come to this, 
a warning to stop the spread
of this contagion, already
afflicting thousands. 
They speak the warning,
looking into the eyes
of the future.

Photograph by Artem Maltsev via Unsplash. Used with permission.


Martha Jane Orlando said...

The truth cannot be denied . . . Beautiful, Glynn!

Glynn said...

Thanks, Martha!