Friday, January 1, 2021

They heard the words

After Acts 2:38-47

They heard the words
as he moved among
the crows, simple words
from a complex history,
words they understand
in their own languages,
their own tongues of fire.

What do we do? they ask.

He walks among them,
following the example set
before him, and he says
repent, and he says
be baptized, and he says
the spirit will come, and he says
you will receive it, and he says
the promise for you, and he says,
and for your children, and he says
and for those far away, and he says
for all who are called.

And 12 became 3,000.

Photograph by Erika Giraud via Unsplash. Used with permission.


Martha Jane Orlando said...

Just love this, Glynn! Sorry I've chosen to ditch Facebook because one of the things I've enjoyed most is sharing your poetry to my feed. Know I will keep on following you.
Blessings for a wonderful New Year!

Glynn said...

Martha, I'm sorry to see you leave Facebook, but I understand your reasons. Thank you so much for all the times you shared my poems.