Saturday, October 10, 2020

Saturday Good Reads

Poets have been writing about nature since, well, since there was poetry. Kerri Andrews at Literary Hub takes a look at Scottish poet and writer Nan Shephard (1893-1981) and describes her genius for the Scottish Highlands.  

Critical Race Theory “suddenly” seems to be everywhere – embraced by groups as diverse as street protesters, academics, government contractors and bureaucrats, and corporate CEOs. A fair number of Christians, both lay and pastors, have been writing about it, and with good reason: CRT stands in stark opposition to the message of the Gospel. Alan Shlemon at Stand to Reason goes a step beyond, and he asks how the church can prepare for the next cultural revolution


The (unnamed) blogger at A London Inheritance has an unusual blog approach: utilizing old photographs of London neighborhoods and then juxtaposing them with recent photographs by the blogger. I was looking at one post, “Millbank Estate and Millbank Penitentiary,” and realized I knew that neighborhood. Not only did I know, I’ve also walked it many times on early morning walks from my hotel and on visits to and from the Tate Britain museum. Who knew that area once housed a prison?


More Good Reads


Life and Culture


Going Dark – Jeffrey Bilbro at Breaking Ground.


A Poor Farrier’s Journey to Political Sanity – Austin Schue at Quillette.


Remote Learning Is a Catastrophe. Teachers Unions Share the Blame – Jonathan Chait at New York Magazine.


Visualizing the History of Pandemics – Nicholas Le Pan at Visual Capitalist.


What I Learned in Autumn – Marilyn Gardner at Communicating Across Boundaries. 




Irish poet Derek Mahon has died, but he left behind this lyric of hope – Dan Sheehan at Literary Hub (poem read by actor Andrew Scott). 


Four Poems – Korede Kakaaki at Ice Floe Press.


My Gardening – Paul Brookes at The Wombwell Rainbow.


Life Gets Worse for Verse – Secret Author at The Critic Magazine.




Parents, the Little Moments Matter Most – Melissa Edgington at Your Mom Has a Blog.


Open Letter to the People Who Bought My Parents’ House – Rebecca VanDoodewaard at Gentle Reformation.


The most famous bedroom in art history - Martin Bailey at The Art Newspaper.


Writing and Literature


An Apologetic for Storytelling – Ben Palpant at The Rabbit Room.


American Stuff


“The same adorable source:” A review of America on Trial: A Defense of the Founding – D.Q. McInerny at New Criterion.


“The Foot That Is Gone Pains Me The Most” – Sarah Kay Bierle at Emerging Civil War.


British Stuff


In pictures: lost world barely touched by industrial revolution captured in first photographs of Sussex – Maev Kennedy at The Art Newspaper.


This Swiss Hotel is Inside an Observatory

Painting: Man Reading Newspaper, oil on canvas (ca. 1918) by Hugo Scheiber (1873-1950).

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