Tuesday, October 27, 2020

Robert Hudson Explains the House Fly - and Poetry

Flies can teach you a lot about poetry. Ask Robert Hudson. 

Hudson has been a teacher, a clerk, an editor, a translator, a book designer, a proofreader, a publisher, a writer, a bookbinder, and a printer (with a certificate in printing by hand). With a master’s degree in comparative literature, he worked for 34 years as an editor for a major publisher. He loves poetry; he’s a member of the International Dante Societyand the Thomas Traherne Association. And he’s a member of the West Michigan Thomas Merton Society.


He also knows a lot about flies. And in The Poet and the Fly, he considers how the fly has served as an object for numerous poets over the centuries. 


Yes, the fly. The common housefly. The pest who loves to discover our food when we eat outside. The one who, once inside, seems almost impossible to corral and eliminate. That fly.


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