Friday, October 23, 2020

The stone rolled back

After Mark 16:1-8

The stone was rolled
in place, blocking
the small cave serving
as the tomb, blocking
entrance to the body,
shrouded. And guards
stationed in front,
to protect, what, 
the powers that were
from confronting
their sin.

Two women come, intent
on anointing the body within,
shrouded, but knowing
the stone is blocking and
the soldiers guarding. But
they see the stone
is already rolled back,
the soldiers have fled.
The open tomb beckons.

Inside, the body, shrouded,
is gone, its absence shouting.
A young man sits, and
tells them he is gone.
The place where he was
is empty. He is gone.
He is not here.
Find him in Galilee;
the end is the beginning.

Photograph by Bruno van der Kraan via Unsplash.  Used with permission.

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